Website Hosting and Email Packages

These are as follows. Included is telephone support, webmail, administrator control panel and site statistics. Backing up is also available subject to sufficient hosting webspace being free or off site regular backups can be purchased as an optional extra.

Email hosting is offered for a few email account and after that we will create a buisness account for you with Gmail (including your domain name for email).

YWS Web Hosting Prices


YWS Packages

Hosting Webspace Bandwidth Mailboxes Cost (per month)
Copper 50MB 512MB 1 $10
Bronze 100MB 1GB 2 $15
Silver 500MB 2GB Gmail $50
Gold 2GB 5GB Gmail $120
Platinum 5GB 20GB Gmail $150

AU Domain Name Purchase and Registration

Whilst initial domain name purchase (registration) is easy, subsequent management, configuration, transfer etc. can be very problematic. Our service covers all these issues so the client is free to make the most of their domain name(s).

Domain Name Registration & Management Prices
Top-Level DomainCost (2 years) | | $100  

Maintenance and Support

Whilst we can achieve high reliability with Joomla! software, the software is sophisticated and the web, regrettably, is far from a benign environment. Maintenance and support are a feature of living with these websites. From time to time software upgrades are released for core systems and extensions. Essential upgrades relate to security issues, others cover functionality, usability and performance.

Ongoing Support: Where Joomla! sites are used for 'business critical' purposes we recommend the client sets up an ongoing support arrangement with us which enables us to efficiently provide pro-active and prompt support that ensures maximum website availability. Ongoing support includes: prompt software upgrades, priority telephone support and any corrective maintenance if and when required.

As needed support: Where a site's functionality is not business-critical we recommend an ad-hoc approach to support where support and maintenance work is charged on an hourly basis following specific authorisation by the client. Security related upgrades are strongly recommended to be done.


All prices exclude GST at 10% which is applicable on all orders.