SCEGGS Darlinghurst is a K-12 school near the heart of Sydney with a population of 880 girls. SCEGGS previous web site was well designed but was written in a proprietary CSM that the School found difficult to maintain and change. The School liked the look of their site but needed it updated to a CSM they could control and one that allowed searching of the content. It was decided to use the CMS Joomla and to write all content in a Content Construction Kit (CCK) and the component K2 was selected for that.

K2 allows the School to easily edit and add new articles that automatically appear in the correct place. K2 allows adding of images with consistent rendering and attaching galleries and documents is a simple front end upload.

Work began in November 2010 with the transfer of data from the old site and the arrangement into 35 Categories and Subcategories of K2. In all, over 240 articles have been created with only a few of them also being tagged to appear in multiple places.

K2 has been modified to suit the needs of the School including the ability of the users to enlarge fonts on all parts of the articles and some functionality remove - like enlargement of any added photos.

All site design, template creation and article creation was carried out by YWS.